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Title: High Flux Electrospun Nanofiberous Membrane: Preparation by Statistical Approach, Characterization, and Microfiltration Assessment
Journal: Journal of the Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers
Author: 1. Seyed Mahdi Seyed Shahabadi, Seyyed Abbas Mousavi, Darioush Bastani
Year: 2016
Address: 1. Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering, Sharif University of Technology, P.O.Box:11365-11155, Tehran, Iran
Abstract: Preparation, characterization and evaluation of new generation of micro-filters based on polyacrylonitrile electrospun nanofiberous membrane (ENM) were thoroughly investigated. First, quantitative relationships between average diameter, bead area density of nano-fibers and certain electrospinning parameters, i.e., concentration, voltage, spinning distance, and feed rate, were established by empirical modeling based on a central composite design. The analysis revealed that concentration, voltage and distance are the significant parameters. Also, adequacy checking indicated the appropriateness of fit for the models. Afterwards, beadfree ENMs with diameter of 100–500 nmwere prepared and characterized in terms of porosity, pore size and mechanical properties. The results indicate that as the nano-fiber diameter increases from 100 nmto 500 nm, porosity decreases from 74% to 61%, pore radius increases from 0.48 μm to 1.40 μm and tensile properties slightly decrease. Moreover, pure water flux increased with increasing nano-fiber diameter and membrane compaction was observed with increasing applied pressure for each membrane. Finally, ENM with fiber diameter of 100 nm showed the highest rejection rate of 99% and steady permeate flux of 118 l/m2h using TiO2 micro-particles suspension. Such finding demonstrates that ENMs with proper fiber diameter and morphology are excellent choices for high flux microfiltration applications.
Keywords: Average fiber diameter Bead area density Electrospinning Membrane Microfiltration Response surface methodology
Application: Membrane
Product Model 1: Electroris (ES1000)
Product Model 2:
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