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Title: Experimental Investigation of Slip Velocity and Settling Distribution of Micro-Particles in Converging–Diverging Microchannel
Journal: Microsystem Technologies
Author: 1. Farhud Shirinzadeh, Alireza Davari, 2. Mohammad Hassan Saidi
Year: 2016
Address: 1. Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Science and Research Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran 2. Center of Excellence in Energy Conversion (CEEC), School of Mechanical Engineering, Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, P. O. Box 11155‑9567, Iran
Abstract: An experimental test bed based on single particle tracking techniques is employed in order to investigate the velocity domain, slip velocity, and settling distribution of micro-particles in low-Reynolds number poiseuille flow in converging–diverging microchannel. Three-dimensional velocity domain of particles are studied in the presence of walls and compared with the particle-free fluid. The results show that the velocity of particles moving near the side walls of microchannel decreases about 30 % compared to those moving at the centerline. Furthermore, the effects of converging–diverging geometry on sedimentation of micro-particles are considered. The results show an average decrease of about 40 % in sedimentation of particles among the total particles in converging–diverging channels which is one of the main advantages of these channels in comparison with the straight types.
Application: Microparticles
Product Model 1: Syringe Pump (SP1000HOM)
Product Model 2:
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