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Title: Synthesis and application of in-situ molecularly imprinted silica monolithic in pipette-tip solid-phase microextraction for the separation and determination of gallic acid in orange juice samples
Journal: Journal of Chromatography B
Author: 1. Maryam Arabi, Mehrorang Ghaedi, 2. Abbas Ostovan
Year: 2017
Address: 1. Chemistry Department, Yasouj University Yasouj, 75914-35, Iran 2. Department of Chemistry, Kerman Branch, Islamic Azad University, Kerman, Iran
Abstract: A novel strategy was presented for the synthesis and application of functionalized silica monolithic as artificial receptor of gallic acid at micro-pipette tip. A sol-gel process was used to prepare the sorbent. In this in-situ polymerization reaction, tetraethyl orthosilicate (TEOS), 3-aminopropyl trimethoxysilane (APTMS), gallic acid and thiourea were used, respectively, as cross-linker, functionalized monomer, template and precursor to make crack-free and non-fragile structure. Such durable and inexpensive in-situ monolithic was successfully employed as useful tool for highly efficient extraction of gallic acid from orange juice samples. The effective parameters in extraction recovery were investigated and optimum conditions were obtained using experimental design methodology. Applying HPLC-UV for separation quantification at optimal conditions, the gallic acid was efficiently extracted without significant matrix interference. Good linearity for gallic acid in the range of 0.02-5.0 mg L-1 with correlation coefficients of R2 > 0.999 revealed well applicability of the method for trace analysis.
Keywords: Molecularly imprinted; monolithic; Pipette-tip solid phase microextraction; Gallic acid; Experimental design; HPLC-UV
Application: Extraction
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